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Lotus Yoga Teaching Philosophy

Our teachers are dedicated yoga practitioners. Each brings vast knowledge and experience from a broad spectrum of Yoga traditions. Most teach a "blended" style of yoga that is alignment based and heart centered and that highlights their unique training, personality, and life experiences. We teach from the heart.

All Lotus Yoga teachers have completed extensive trainings. Most are registered with the internationally recognized standards board, Yoga Alliance (RYT) yogaalliance.org

Lotus teachers are all passionate about yoga and the respectful sharing of the ancient traditions of Yoga in a way that welcomes everyone. We devote our teaching to people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. May all beings be happy and free!

Maia Laverty (she / her), RYT-500, Certified Yoga for Healthy Aging Teacher,
Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200

Maia delights in sharing the joyful and empowering practice of yoga with others! Maia loves yoga and believes that at its core it is a tool to explore with curiosity, compassion and a sense of wonder the entirelty of our human experience.  LEARN MORE >>


As an "anatomy geek" Maia is currently embarked on a year-long mentorship study with her anatomy and biomechanics teacher, Jules Mitchell, exploring the state of scientific research in mindfulness, stretching, movement science, the neurology of movement, facia and healthy aging.

Maia brings this heart-felt blending of mindfulness, loving kindness and an active study of the evidence-based research to her classes: meeting each student where they are. Her classes include a mindful and accessible approach to strength-building and an exploration of our unique embodiment so that students learn how to move in their unique bodies in healthy ways.

Maia found her first class through the University of Washington extension program while she was completing her undergraduate degree. The class was nothing she expected; very gentle and slow and she did not break a sweat at all, but it made her feel good inside and out, and helped with the stresses of the last few quarters at the U. Immediately, the practice helped Maia to feel more at home; not only in her "skin", but also in her mind and emotions, it was revolutionary! Maia has been practicing yoga since her mid 20’s, teaching since her early 30’s and is now approaching 50 feeling ready to explore what healthy aging looks like thanks in large part to the tools gathered from mindfulness and yoga practices. Contact Maia at

Favorite Quotes
  • "Yoga is like a hammer. Leave it sitting and it will do no good for you, but put it to use and you can build a sturdy house to protect you from the storms that life throws at all of us" —Nzazi Malonga
  • "The phrase "enlightened" should just be dropped, how hard is that? Instead, how about an end to suffering?" —Rolf Gates
  • "Peace is not only a distant goal that we seek, but a means to arrive at that goal" —Martin Luther King Jr.
Adi Turner (he / him), E-RYT 500, E-RYT 200

Adi teaches sustainable yoga: a mindful, breath-centered slow flow yoga practice. The intention is to help create a yoga practice that will last a lifetime. Flexibility is cultivated within the natural range of our joints and strength is developed as a counterbalance.   LEARN MORE >>


Alignment is taught incrementally through the sequencing of each individual class, with each movement building on the previous one so that when we reach the peak poses in the middle of class it feels attainable. He uses simple breath techniques with the intention of developing focus, concentration, willpower, and enhanced awareness.

Adi has been practicing yoga since the late nineties and teaching since 2003 with over 10,000 teaching hours. His primary influences have been the meditation and movement work of PachaMama eco-village in Costa Rica, Rod Stryker, Shiva Rea, SarahJoy Marsh, Zen Buddhism, and Usui Reiki.

Adi's website: www.aditurner.com
Instagram: @aditurner

Sheri Cohen (she / her), RYT-200

Sheri is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®, choreographer, dance teacher, and yoga instructor. She has been teaching movement arts to diverse students since 1992.

Sheri’s yoga classes are organized around select themes that guide participants to reflect on how their physical practice intersects with daily life.  LEARN MORE >>


Her precise alignment instructions support ease and self-awareness while moving: "I prefer to think of the yoga asana as movements, rather than postures, so we experience them as constantly changing landscapes for the journey of our attention, rather than as destinations. This may imply to some that my classes are vinyasa; or flow, style, which is not the case. I do include flow sequences most days, but my classes also include stillness. In stillness, we have the time to develop awareness and tune into subtler sensations and the movements of the breath."

Feldenkrais is not yoga, but a whole unique movement practice and philosophy that is a great complement to yoga, or to practice on its own. The movements in Feldenkrais are small and slow, to help you develop more awareness, fluency, and ease in the movements of the body. This is a great practice for those who have repetitive movements in their jobs or lives and would like to ensure that they are moving wisely in those tasks. It is also appropriate for anyone who would like to refine their understanding of moving within their own body. All levels. For more information on Awareness Through Movement and the Feldenkrais Method®, please contact Sheri at , , or go to SheriCohenMovement.com

How did you first find Yoga, or what first brought you to Yoga?

I was a movement junkie when I was younger, especially for anything that would fall in the category of "somatics". I tried everything I could find for a while. The first few times I tried yoga I HATED it — until I stumbled into class with Denise Benitez in 1994. She directed my attention like a Feldenkrais teacher, taught me the importance of strength to balance my flexibility, connected the silly shapes we made in the studio to my life outside, and helped me discover my deeper self-abiding in every pose. I love to feel my aliveness by sensing my body in stillness and in movement. I love the enormous fabric of yoga poses that we weave ourselves through in our practices, and how each one is like a different flavor in a meal. I like the whole meal. (Sorry about the mixed metaphors.)

What is your favorite Yoga book?

There's a great new collection of writing by Moshe Feldenkrais out (not about yoga, but about his own method), called Embodied Wisdom. I just finished, The Heart of the Yogi, by Doug Keller, which is a deep narrative of yoga philosophy. For getting into concepts, I love George Feuerstein's Encyclopedia of Yoga. However, the one book I go back to over and over again is Judith Lasater's Living Your Yoga. The title says it all.

What feeds your soul?

Movement, stillness, open-ended artistic expression, my family, ghee, kale, and my students.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

I spend waayyyy too much time reading the New Yorker. Also, I don't work as much as I could, because I prefer to hang out and play with my kid.

Who or what most influences your teaching?

#1. My students #2. My practice  #3. My teachers

What is your favorite quote?

"Movement is life!" ‑Moshe Feldenkrais

Sheri was featured in the Seattle Times for her incredible Feldenkrais classes! Check it out! We are so proud! Way to go Sheri!


Krista Hanson (she / her), RYT 500

Krista has been teaching yoga to many different populations for the past five years. Having experienced the grounding, strength, and increased mental and physical flexibility yoga offers, Krista is passionate about sharing these practices with her students.  LEARN MORE >>


Krista's classes help students come to know themselves better through movement, breath, relaxation, and meditation techniques. Her passions beyond yoga include social justice organizing, disability justice, playing with her son and baby daughter, and swimming in Lake Washington. Krista practices yoga in its broadest sense — a path toward unity and connection — and she is convinced that absolutely all people can do yoga.

Julie Fournier (she / her), E-RYT 500

Julie completed her yoga training in Nepal and in the US. Her teaching is influenced by her experience living abroad and her interactions with individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Julie wishes to help people access a greater sense of calm and well-being and to offer the practice of yoga to everyone. She offers gentle classes as well as adaptive yoga for people living with mobility restrictions and chronic health conditions.

Emily Parzybok (she / her)

Emily is a yoga and meditation teacher focused on practices that build awareness and relax the nervous system. Emily teaches both active and restorative styles of yoga; in both practices, she brings an approach focused on listening and attending to the sensations in the body and the thoughts in the mind.  LEARN MORE >>


Emily hopes to cultivate, for herself and for her students, an environment where the body is not a site of criticism or improvement, but rather of experience and listening.

Emily has taught yoga for nearly a decade and has had the opportunity to train with many incredible teachers. A student of Sarah and Ty Powers, Emily is working toward her 500-hour training through the Insight Yoga Institute. In the yoga community, Emily has studied with Sarah and Ty Powers, Paul and Suzzee Grilley, Tias Little, and many others. She teaches vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin and yoga nidra.

Additionally, Emily has studied Buddhist meditation in the United States and Asia, has sat hundreds of days of silent retreat, including month-long intensives, and currently studies with Tempel Smith.

Alicia Essers (she / her), RYT 200

Alicia’s yoga journey began as a way to encourage flexibility and body awareness while running and playing capoeira. Then she found it opened up layers of exploration of how the mind, body and spirit communicate and connect with each other. As a pediatric speech therapist, she believes communication is vital part in connecting and moving through obstacles presented to us.  LEARN MORE >>


She brings a practical feeling and sense of awareness to maintain a safe but challenging practice through breath and movement. While focusing on alignment, she hopes to bring her students into a deeper space that they can explore. Her practice and teaching has been influenced by many those included are David Vendetti from South Boston Yoga, Jill Miller/ founder of Yoga Tune Up, Gary Kraftsow, Bec Conant and Sarah Powers. Her most influential teachers are her daughters who she had the pleasure of training with while pregnant, which allowed her to understand a deeper level of practice for prenatal and postnatal yoga.

Stephen Hartnett (he / him), RYT-200
What first brought you to Yoga?

I first came to practice yoga at the gym I was going to in 2001. I had been attending this water aerobics class there and the instructor was also a new yoga teacher so he encouraged me to check out his class and I guess I was 'hooked on yoga' after that...  LEARN MORE >>


I had always been curious about yoga and wanted to see what all the buzz was about. After about a year or so of doing classes with that teacher, Matt Meko, I then discovered Lotus Yoga and started practicing here.

What is your favorite Yoga book?

There are so many! First, I love and frequently reference "30 Essential Yoga Poses" by Judith Lasater. Then I have found wonderful inspiration from "Turning the Mind Into an Ally" by Sakyong Mipham. Recently I discovered, "Yoga as Medicine" by Timothy McCall and I have found it to be a wonderful reference too. Lastly, "The Miracle of Mindfulness" by Thich Nhat Hanh brought me such peace and learning when I first was discovering meditation and yoga.

What feeds your soul?

I think quiet time alone and time spent with Damian, my spouse feeds my soul. Doing yoga, stand-up paddle boarding, and ANY time with our dog, Hugo. These are all the times I feel my soul most nourished and am most at peace.

What are some of your favorite things?

I love hanging out with animals of all sorts but of course dogs especially. I love music. When I can I love to play music and sing. I especially enjoy the violin and the piano. I love chocolate. And delicious, nourishing food! I love being by the water or in the water (the ocean especially). I discovered Stand-Up Paddle Board Yoga in the last few years and LOVE it! Did Goat Yoga last year for the first time and fell in love with that too!

Who or what most influences your teaching?

It is clear to me now that all the teachers I have had have been a huge influence on me. The teachers at Lotus: Maia, Meghan, Adi, Julian, Emily, Kristin and Laura P. all continue to influence me. And my first teacher, Matt will always be an inspiration even though he lives far away from here now and I rarely get to see him.

What is your favorite quote?

"When in your yoga practice, it is best to stay on your own mat." Although I don't know who originally said this I heard it early on in a yoga class from Matt Meko. It has always stayed with me especially when my mind or eyes wander to others in the class and I find myself making all those 'not-so-useful' comparisons to others or their practice.

Reese McGillie (she / her)

Reese’s yoga journey began with a regular asana practice that she sought out as a way to cope with a variety of stressors including the demands of balancing parenting and her career as a leader in strategy and data science.  LEARN MORE >>


After several years of maintaining a daily vinyasa practice she was called to deepen her knowledge of all aspects of yoga which led her to complete the 200 hr yoga teacher training through 8 Limbs Yoga Studios in Seattle. As a yoga instructor, Reese’s style favors strength-building vinyasa flows that are focused on mindful use of breath along with alignment cues to mitigate injury and foster a deeply intuitive and sustainable practice

Diane Lostrangio (she / her)

Bio coming soon!

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