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Lotus Yoga Teaching Philosophy

Our teachers are dedicated yoga practitioners. Each brings extensive education and personal experience from a broad spectrum of yoga traditions. Our teachers teach a “blended” style of yoga that is mindfulness-centered, welcoming to all, and that highlights their unique training, personality, and life experiences. We teach from the heart. All Lotus Yoga teachers have completed extensive trainings, most to the RYT-500 level (Yoga Alliance – RYT

  • We are passionate about the respectful sharing of the ancient traditions of yoga in a way that welcomes everyone, just as you are.
  • We devote our teaching to people of all ages, backgrounds, identities and abilities.
  • May all beings be happy and free! Om Shanti, Om Peace!
Maia Laverty (she / her), RYT-500, Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Washington, Certified Yoga for Healthy Aging Teacher, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200

Maia delights in bringing a heart-felt blending of mindfulness, loving kindness practices and an active study of evidence-based movement research to her classes. She prioritizes meeting each student where they are.  LEARN MORE >>


Her classes include a mindful and accessible approach to stability and strength-building, and an exploration of our unique embodiment, so that students are encouraged to move within their own experiences and from a place of curiosity to support their own deep sense of wellness.

Maia is a life-long learner and “anatomy geek” who continues active and ongoing study with her biomechanics teacher, Jules Mitchell. Some of Maia’s current study interests include: digging into scientific research in the areas of mindfulness, movement science, the neurology of movement, modern pain science and healthy aging. These more scientific pursuits combine with Maia’s deep reverence for the practices of self-study and compassion that traditional yoga philosophy and mindfulness practice include. The result is almost always more to be curious about!

Maia found her first yoga class through the University of Washington extension program while an undergraduate. The class was nothing she expected; very gentle and slow. Immediately, the practice helped her to feel more at home; not only in her “skin”, but also in her mind and emotions. It was revolutionary! Maia has been practicing yoga since her mid 20’s, teaching since her early 30’s and now in her 50’s, she is ready to explore what healthy aging looks like, thanks in large part to the tools gathered from the traditions and teachings of mindfulness, movement science and yoga.

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Favorite Quotes
  • “Yoga is like a hammer. Leave it sitting and it will do no good for you, but put it to use and you can build a sturdy house to protect you from the storms that life throws at all of us” — Nzazi Malonga
  • “The phrase ‘enlightened’ should just be dropped, how hard is that? Instead, how about an end to suffering?” — Rolf Gates
  • “Peace is not only a distant goal that we seek, but a means to arrive at that goal”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.
Krista Hanson (she / her), RYT 500

Krista has been teaching yoga to many different populations for the past five years. Having experienced the grounding, strength, and increased mental and physical flexibility yoga offers, Krista is passionate about sharing these practices with her students.  LEARN MORE >>


Krista's classes help students come to know themselves better through movement, breath, relaxation, and meditation techniques. Her passions beyond yoga include social justice organizing, disability justice, playing with her son and baby daughter, and swimming in Lake Washington. Krista practices yoga in its broadest sense — a path toward unity and connection — and she is convinced that absolutely all people can do yoga.

Emily Parzybok (she / her)

Emily is a yoga and meditation teacher focused on practices that build awareness and relax the nervous system. Emily teaches both active and restorative styles of yoga; in both practices, she brings an approach focused on listening and attending to the sensations in the body and the thoughts in the mind.  LEARN MORE >>


Emily hopes to cultivate, for herself and for her students, an environment where the body is not a site of criticism or improvement, but rather of experience and listening.

Emily has taught yoga for nearly a decade and has had the opportunity to train with many incredible teachers. A student of Sarah and Ty Powers, Emily is working toward her 500-hour training through the Insight Yoga Institute. In the yoga community, Emily has studied with Sarah and Ty Powers, Paul and Suzzee Grilley, Tias Little, and many others. She teaches vinyasa, hatha, restorative, yin and yoga nidra.

Additionally, Emily has studied Buddhist meditation in the United States and Asia, has sat hundreds of days of silent retreat, including month-long intensives, and currently studies with Tempel Smith.

Stephen Hartnett (he / him), RYT-200

Stephen started practicing yoga in 2001 in Seattle under the guidance of his first teacher, Matt Meko. After years of looking for ways to heal from various injuries and health challenges, he found a great deal of relief in the breath practices of pranayama.  LEARN MORE >>


Stephen decided to take his yoga practice deeper by studying at Lotus Yoga, there he earned his RYT 200-hour certification in 2017, Stephen is currently completing his 500-hour certification with Lotus. Stephen is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Stephen offers private and group classes. He teaches at Lotus Yoga in Columbia City and Tukwila Village Senior Center among other venues. His classes happen on the mat, in the chair, online and sometimes in the park! Stephen also teaches Goat Yoga at the Wobbly Ranch in Snohomish when classes are in session.

When he is not teaching yoga, he can be found wandering the neighborhoods of South Seattle with groups of dogs on leash or teaching students French and English!

Reese McGillie (she / her)

Reese’s yoga journey began with a regular asana practice that she sought out as a way to cope with a variety of stressors including the demands of balancing parenting and her career as a leader in strategy and data science.  LEARN MORE >>


After several years of maintaining a daily vinyasa practice she was called to deepen her knowledge of all aspects of yoga which led her to complete the 200 hr yoga teacher training through 8 Limbs Yoga Studios in Seattle. As a yoga instructor, Reese’s style favors strength-building vinyasa flows that are focused on mindful use of breath along with alignment cues to mitigate injury and foster a deeply intuitive and sustainable practice

Susanna Reynolds (she / her)

Susanna’s life work has been in Theater, Movement, Manual Healing Arts and Education.  LEARN MORE >>


For my own spirit and well being after my children grew up and left home, I took up the study of yoga after practicing in phases of my life since my teen years. Over several years I completed a 500 hour training though Lotus after being a student there for years prior and loving this community. Working with movement, sound, breathing and meditative practices bring me a grounded and joyful Spirit. Singing, walking, hiking, swimming in lakes and ocean, gardening, and writing poetry are my personal renewals.

Diane Lostrangio (she / her)

Bio coming soon!

Land Acknowledgment: Lotus Yoga acknowledges that we are on the ancestral lands of the Duwamish (dxʷdəwʔabš) and Coast Salish people, a people that are still here, continuing to honor and bring to light their ancient heritage. We honor with gratitude the land itself, and the original caretakers of this land, past and present. Why practice land acknowledgment?